If you have never been to a bridal show before, they can be a bit overwhelming. But with just a bit of planning, bridal shows are the single most effective way to compare vendors and gather HUGE amounts of information about your wedding in one place. Here are some tips to making the most of your visit to the bridal show:

  • Check to see if you can register for the show in advance. You may be able to get discounted admission and it will save you time on show day.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Bridal shows are extensive. You will be on your feet walking for hours. Make sure your feet feel good or you will be miserable.
  • Setup a special wedding email account. Once you register at all the vendor booths at the show, those vendors will send you lots of information. If you want to avoid clogging up your work email with wedding information, you should make an email account specifically for the wedding. This will also help you keep all your information organized.
  • Bring labels with your name, address, phone number, email address and wedding date. You will be asked for this information over and over again. Having those labels will save you time and wear and tear on your hands!
  • Do not allow yourself to be pressured. Go to a show with the mindset of meeting many wonderful wedding vendors. Don’t feel like you have to sign any contracts or accept any offers on the day of the show.
  • Bring a big shoulder bag for collecting information. You are going to get a lot of literature at the show. The shoulder bag will be much more comfortable than the plastic bag most shows provide… and its better for the environment!
  • Follow up with vendors you like quickly. Remember, good vendors book up fast and your show-favorite could book up if you don’t act. If you find a vendor you like, make sure he knows it and get a contract going.